Dianna to release new music after 5 years break from being a public artist. 

February 2020

2020 will see Dianna release new music. Although it's still unlikely that Dianna will start touring again, she is committed to sharing work and songs that in her words "should see the light of day". 

The digital world will allow Dianna to share these works with her fans while she maintains her busy songwriting and media production career from different parts of the globe.


"I have so much to talk about, and I'm just ready to share again. If anyone is even listening, haha." 

Dianna calls for help with the Australian Bushfire relief efforts

January 2020



Below you'll find a bunch of links in which you can navigate donations for the Australian Bushfires. This has quickly become the largest climate disaster of our time and it's a GLOBAL issue with months of catastrophe ahead.


The links separate out the different organizations and where the money goes. DON'T FORGET THE ANIMALS.


They are all secure and legitimate donation points and remember, your donation is tax deductible in most countries.

Click here to help the animals

Click here to help the people who've lost

Click here to offer a room to those who have been displaced

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